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Not Just A Resource. An Asset.

FIL's greatest strength, is its dedicated workforce. Committed to producing only the best, this team comprises of trained engineers, experienced supervisors and expert technicians. Their skills and knowledge are regularly upgraded and periodically evaluated. To ensure that each one of them keeps up to the times. It is this team behind the sophisticated machines, that keeps alive FIL's motto"of being the best". Always. Filatex Team

Human Resource Policy
Human resource management in the company has assumed greater importance for bringing about sustained growth, organisational effectiveness and individual satisfaction. The company believes that the personnel policies should be dynamic and adaptive to create proper working environment.
The employees are encouraged to work and think independently in furtherance of the company’s objectives and philosophies and the contribution of the employees are not only recognized but also duly rewarded by way of increasing their status, special increments and job enrichment. The company also has different training and development programmes. Filatex TeamThe role of the training is not only to update the knowledge of the employees but also to develop them to assume higher responsibilities in course of time.

Recruitment Policy Objectives
»  To plan the manpower requirements in accordance with the organisational needs
»  To ensure that the company attracts and retains the best of personnel available in various areas
»  To ensure that the placement of the employees is in accordance with their qualifications, experience and aptitude for job requirement.
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