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FIL manufactures a range of high quality monofilaments – (Brand Name: Monofil) at its Noida Plant using superior technology from Reifenhäuser GmbH, Germany.
Monofil are manufactured in a range of diameters varying from 0.08 mm to 2.00 mm.
The end user of the product includes manufacturers of zippers, fishing nets, sports strings, magic fasteners, industrial filter fabrics/ brushes, etc

Filatex India Ltd. introduces a range of high quality monofilaments - Monofil. Monofil spells convenience. It makes for improved efficiency by cutting down delivery time, inventories and procedures with no compromise on quality.
To have a global presence FIL uses Superior technology from Reifenhäuser GmbH of Germany, which helps FIL make superior products.

REIFENHÄUSER - with over 40 years of experience in extrusion technology - has been supplying process lines to multinational giants like Du Pont, Hoechst and Bayer among several others.
Available in a range of diameters from 0.10 mm to 2.00 mm
Monofil's end users include manufacturers of
»  Zippers (LFCs and CFCs)
»  Fishing Nets,Sports strings, Sewing threads etc.
»  Toothbrush, Shaving brush, hair-brush, industrial and other brushes
»  Forming fabrics, wet felts and dryer screens for paper industry
»  Magic fasteners (Velcro)
»  Manjha

Monofil assures quality because of superlative process line from the world leader - REIFENHÄUSER. The technology is as good as that being used by international leaders in monofilament industry.
Using raw material from international giants like BASF, EastMan Chemicals, Shell, etc., we add yet another dimension to ensure consistency in quality of Monofil for you.
»  Microprocessor controlled production unit to ensure accuracy and precision throughout the manufacturing process.
»  In-process data acquisition system to monitor all production stations.
»  Graphic registration of all temperature zones, digital display of screw speed, melt temperature and electrical polymer pressure control to ensure ideal extrusion conditions.
»  Temperature control of within + 1º C in two drawing stages and one heat setting stage to ensure uniformity of monofilament cross-section all along.
»  Production program stored in software for standard products.
Besides on line quality control and computerised production programs, a well-equipped laboratory subjects each product to thorough post-production tests before dispatch.
The latest testing equipment in our lab are:
»  Zwick Universal Testing Machine from Germany Tensile testing with updated software
»  Testrite tester from UK Checks shrinkage in hot air, Shrinkage force v/s Temperature.
»  Wear Test Machine - WT3 ( Ponzini of Italy )
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