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Executive Summary

Filatex India Ltd. is promoted by the reputed Bhageria family hailing from Distt. Jhunjhunu Rajasthan. The company, a listed public limited company, was incorporated on 8th August 1990 and received its certificate of commencement of business on 5th September, 1990. FIL is involved in the business of manufacturing polyester and polypropylene multifilament yarns (commonly known as PFY) at its Dadra Plant and Polyester, nylon and polypropylene monofilament yarns at its Noida Plant. At Dadra, FIL, initially started with a small capacity for manufacture of POY of 5000 MT p.a. in 1996 and gradually increased the same to 66523 MT p.a. in the year 2008-09 during this period FIL also ventured into the manufacture of Polypropylene Crimps and Textured Yarn which is a higher value added product and now contributes 20% approximately of total turnover of the company and FIL, today is the market leader in the product. FIL also added another value added product namely Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY) in its product range and the company is able to cater to diversified needs of its customers under one roof. Similarly, at its Noida plant the company, which is considered to be a pioneer in manufacturing of Monofilament yarns in the Indian market, started with a small capacity of 500 MT p.a. in 1994 to manufacture Polyester, nylon and polypropylene monofilament yarns and has increased the same to 1500 MT p.a. in 2008-09. It has further increase capacity to 200000 MT p.a. with (Chips, POY, PTY, FDY, Polypropylene, Narro Woven Fabric, and Monofilament) under one roof.

It has been the philosophy of the Company to plough back the profits to achieve economic size to sustain and compete in the long run. This also indicates the commitment of the promoters to the industry and the business model. Both, the Dadra & Noida plants of the company are fully automated and ISO 9002 certified. The plant at Silvassa has the locational advantage due to its proximity to market. Surat & Silvassa account for more than 45% of total demand of POY & more than 85% of total demand for chips in India. The plant at Dadra enjoys various fiscal Benefits like–low cost of power @ 4.00/unit and proximity to the Sea Ports.

FIL has been continuously undertaking cost reduction measures to remain competitive. The energy costs and selling & administration overheads of FIL are lower amongst the peer group. Lower operating cost coupled with lower capital cost and optimum capacity utilisation on a consistent basis, have lead to smooth sailing of FIL even during sluggish market conditions when other units succumbed to the market pressures.
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